“Larry is an amazing agent. He gave me great advice on how to get my house ready to sell at the very best price. He was firm and supportive when I got discouraged and wanted to quit. I give him my absolutely highest recommendation.”

– Corky & Peter, Santa Teresa, CA

Corky and Peter decided it was time to retire to the country. They were the original owners of this home in Santa Teresa, and had customized it over the years. They added to the second story, making a huge master suite, they re-did the kitchen with granite and cherrywood…all of this was done with super high quality. Trouble is, when it came time to sell it, they had pretty much over-improved it for the neighborhood.

I felt certain that we could find a buyer who would appreciate all they had done, and not just be focused on dollars per square foot comps. So we staged it beautifully, and held open house after open house so people could actually see it, not just on the internet. We finally did find the right buyer, who paid what the sellers wanted…. And they now have a beautiful log cabin on a lake in Colorado!


“We were so comfortable with Larry that we asked him to help sell our old home, which he did in TWO DAYS!”

– Sharon Thompson, Los Gatos, CA
I had just helped Sharon and her husband purchase a beautiful new home in Los Gatos, and now it was time to sell their “starter home” in Sunnyvale.
They had lived there for almost 20 years, so parts of it were a bit dated, not to mention it was backed up against a busy street. But by staging the home and letting the potential buyers see what a warm and cozy home it could be, we were able to sell it in just two days.  

"Thank you so much for your help during one of the most exciting but convoluted events in my family's life.”

Yang Hyong-Kim, Sunnyvale, CA
Yang Hyong-Kim was looking to buy his first home in this country for his growing family. Real estate practices and policies here are very different from his native Korea. Plus, they were looking at a very competitive price range and neighborhoods near all the best schools.
When we found a home they really liked, I knew it would be a multiple offer situation. To make them stand out, I took a picture of the family on the porch of the house to present to the seller. Turns out, the seller really wanted a family to get the house, so we got it - even though ours was not the highest bid!

“Unlike other realtors we interviewed, he took notes as he walked through our home on everything he thought would help sell the house.”

– Carol and Klaus Gruetzner, Los Gatos, CA
Carol and Klaus had a beautiful, but very custom, home in a popular neighborhood of Los Gatos. It was done in a Swedish Modern style, full of clean light wood and open spaces. It was not at all the dark wood, cozy Tuscan style that is popular in Los Gatos, so I knew it would take a special buyer. There was no staging necessary since it was perfect the way it was.
In order to attract the right potential buyers, I contacted all the top agents in my network and let them know I had a very special home coming on the market that I would show to them first on an exclusive basis. The goal was to find a buyer who liked that style, and would love the house. We ended up selling the home the day before the first Open House to someone moving here from Boston.

"The entire experience was exceptional. He rates at the top of the list of the most professional and thorough real estate professionals I have had the opportunity to work with.”

– Patty Watkins, Rio Del Mar, CA
Patty is a very successful and hard working executive in Silicon Valley. She was looking for a good investment and a weekend getaway outside the Valley.
We looked at properties from Pajaro Dunes to Santa Cruz, and found the perfect condo in Rio Del Mar: it was right on the cliff, had beautiful ocean views, and had one of the top local management companies to handle rentals for her. Now she spends a weekend or two each month in her getaway and absolutely loves it. She rents it out the rest of the time.


“What could have been a disastrous experience became not only survivable, but we wound up feeling pretty darn OK about it.”

– Tom Ross, Los Gatos, CA
Tom and his wife found themselves in a situation that’s unfortunately all too common these days. Their home was overleveraged and when the downturn came, they were underwater. They decided to downsize since it didn’t make sense to keep paying such a high mortgage. Still, it was a beautiful home in Los Gatos and rather than make it a distressed sale, we fixed up whatever the various reports had found, and staged the home to show off its unique character.
In the end, it was a very clean sale. I got the banks to agree to the new market price, and as a bonus the family who bought the home had lived in that same neighborhood previously and had really wanted to move back!

"One aspect that additionally sets Larry apart from the many is the excellent ongoing after-sale care he has given freely.”

– Bruce and Jing LaFountain, Saratoga, CA
Bruce and Jing decided to buy a beautiful home in the foothills of Saratoga. It is an amazing home designed by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright - full of decks, windows and wood.
Once they moved in, there was a fair amount of deferred maintenance to catch up on. With my extensive Rolodex of quality contractors, I was able to help them find the best vendors to paint, repair, build out, add-on, re-plumb, and more. Their home now is not only one of the most dramatic in Saratoga, but also one of the best cared for.